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A perfectly acceptable flight simulator

The road to becoming a fully-fledged airplane pilot is long and arduous. Not only will you have to put in the work and the hours, but you’ll also have to lay down a great amount of money to realize your dream. However, if you just want to know how it feels to be a pilot, there’s no need to go through all of that trouble because you can try your hand at it using flight simulation games. Flight Simulator 3D: Airplane Pilot is a flight simulation game offered by Yes Games Studio. With this game, users will be able to experience being a pilot, but how does it compare to other flight simulation games?

Graphics and Gameplay

The graphics of Flight Simulator 3D: Airplane Pilot is acceptable, although it’s definitely not as good as other flight simulation games out there. The game is rendered in 3D, but it doesn’t commit to the photo-realistic aesthetic that it definitely should have. As a result, the graphics of the game ended up looking extremely uncanny and unrealistic. The details on the different aircraft are very clearly just textures pasted on the 3D models. In most cases, pixelation can be seen on the 3D models which makes it even more uncanny. There are also no details like humans and foliage on the ground that would have made it a bit more immersive.

The gameplay is nothing to write home about either, unfortunately. You just fly around, try to hit the random checkpoints and try not to hit any obstacles. You can control the airplane by tilting your device, which is a fun mechanic, but nothing too revolutionary.

Free Play?

Probably the biggest problem with this game is the in-app purchases. Officially, this game presents itself as free, and there is some truth to that. You can fly a plane and try a few levels with the free version. However, you have to pay to play the higher levels. Not only that, but you are also given only one option when it comes to aircraft. You have to buy all of the other aircraft in the game. Unsurprisingly, this is really frustrating for anyone who is expecting a full free game. Instead, this game feels like the trial version of a paid game.

Try Something Else

Flight Simulator 3D: Airplane Pilot is as standard as they come for flight simulators. However, its lackluster gameplay and graphics coupled with a deceptive free-to-play payment model make it more of a frustration than fun and enjoyable. If you want a worthwhile flight simulator, definitely try something else instead.


  • Good sound design
  • Nice graphics


  • Long loading times
  • Prone to lagging
  • Repetitive levels
  • Only one free plane

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